Welcome to Teddy Edwards

Well hello there and welcome to my blog. 

My name is Jackie and I love to make things.  This hasn’t always been easy, as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and holding small things, like a needle, is often very painful.  But during the times when my hands aren’t playing up I can get quite creative with a bit of aida and some embroidery floss!  i live in the North West with Hubby and Son and a mad dog. Life is never dull when you live with a comedic Dalmatian, who is scared of the living room floor!

So, why blog?  I thought it would be a nice idea to share what I have learned over the years and to learn from others who might visit the blog.  There is always something new to learn and I love to hear other people’s experiences in the crafting genre.

I am aiming for at least one blog post per day, mostly craft related but really, anything could creep in!

Please feel free to leave comments. In time I hope to be able to include guest posts from other bloggers on specialist crafts. So if you would like to write a guest post then please contact me.

So, I guess it’s on with the blog!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Teddy Edwards

  1. I started a knitting and other fiber-art related blog just a few months ago … I have learned a lot! I hope you enjoy the journey (and that your RA goes into remission!). I am following your blog now so I look forward to reading your posts!

    • Karen, many thanks for your comment, how lovely to make your acquaintence. I admire anyone who can knit as, truth be told, I don’t have a lot of patience with it. I find that it grows a bit to slowly for me. Your post on knotted swimsuits was really enjoyable.

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