Felt Flower Brooches

I recently started working with felt. It’s wonderful! It is so easy to work with – it doesn’t fray when you cut it, it is very tactile and comes in a range of vibrant colours. I spotted bundles of felt in my favourite shop (Abakhan Fabrics) and couldn’t leave without buying some. Inspiration came as I was sorting through a jar of buttons and before I knew it, I was madly stitching up some flower brooches.


The photo isn’t brilliant, but you get the idea!


Each one is completely hand made, no machine stitching for me!  I used DMC floss to stitch because I found I could get a far better match for the felt colours.  They are hand cut, hand stitched and finished with a button. A saftey brooch fastener is securely stitched into the back and they look best when worn clustered together. I have three of them on my winter coat, in shades of blue and green and they always draw comments.

They are not perfect, but then not much in life is.  Despite being the sort of person who gets irritated by skewiff pictures, I have come to love the wonkiness in these brooches! i have a whole bunch of these sitting in my workbox, in readiness for a local craft fair that I have my eye on, plus a whole lot more waiting to be stitched up.  I’d put the pattern up on the blog, but it doesn’t take a genius to work it out!


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