I’m Back

Hello Internet. I missed you 😦

Our recent upgrade to a faster Broadband connection did not go well.  Many hours were spent on the phone to wretched call centres (good job the calls were free!) and many explanations of the problem given (why do you have to explain the problem to every person you are transfered to – can’t they talk to each other?!) but we were without internet access for what seemed like a lifetime. Apparently some numpty at the broadband company enabled our faster broadband connection before we had actually received the superhub modem.  This in effect cut everything off.  Now you would think that this would be easy to switch back wouldn’t you?  HAHA No! But we eventually got it all sorted and ended up negotiating a deal with the company that is less than we were paying before, by way of compensation for all the palaver.

In the meantime, while there was no T’internet I was able to make up quite a few brooches for sale.  Will post pics in a separate blog post for anyone who would like to see. So there yu go, “every cloud …” and all that 🙂

But it’s nice to be connected with the outside world again.  To illustrate this, I began knitting a mug cosy and it was going well until I had to stop and cast off.  Now I couldn’t remember how to cast off for the life of me!  In my defence, I am not a prolific knitter and it had been a while since I had picked up a pair of needles.  I tried to figure it out using common sense but it had me stumped.  I went to turn to my great friend Mr Google, but then remembered that we had no internet.  Boo!  My cosy had to sit on in my craft box, needles jammed into the ball of wool, until we got our connection back. When we were reconnected my first Google was ‘how to cast off’!

O love the Internet but there’s a lot to be said for good old fashioned books!


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