Notions and Product Reviews

On this page I will introduce you to the various bits of kit that I like to use in my craft projects and offer the occasional product review. I hope you will find something useful here!

Stork Scissors

I like to use these little stork scissors DMC Stork Embroidery Scissors for my projects.  They are beautifully designed and whether by good design or pure coincidence, my middle finger sits just nicely in the swan neck bit, which makes them so comfortable to use.

Picure it in Cross Stitch

This Picture it in Cross Stitch (A David & Charles Craft Book)
is the book that inspired me to take up a needle and hoop and stitch for pleasure, after I had had much of the love of embroidery driven out of me by my tyrannical needlework teacher at school! Jo Verso’s patterns were modern, vibrant, sometimes irreverent and showed me that cross stitch didn’t have to be all twee roses.  I lent my original book to a friend and never got it back, but amazingly I found a copy in a local charity shop a short time ago, so quickly snapped it up.


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